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Creating your own resources

You can create your own resources including handouts and quizzes by using the My Collection function at the top of the page.

You do not have to log in to this section, but creating an account will increase the amount of information you can save and reduce the risk of losing all the work you have done.


Below the text and images that appear on the website there is an option ‘Add image to my collection’. By clicking on this function it will be added to your library.


Within your library you can view all the text and images that you have collected. You have the option to edit the text so that you can adapt it to suit your classroom needs. These changes will be saved in the library, but they can only be accessed again if you are logged in.

Assemble your own resource

You can now put all this information in to the format that suits you best.

Create a document - The documents section enables you to assemble all this information. There are four different templates to choose from where you can insert text and images. You are unable to edit the text in this area, but you can go back to the library where this is possible. When you click on the save function you will be able to save what you have been working on to your own computer so that you can print it out and access it again.

Create a Quiz - You can also create a quiz with the information you have gathered from the website and your own content. This section allows you to create your own questions and answers with different styles of questions. You can use this tool for introducing, summarising or revising topics. Start by giving your quiz a title, selecting the style of question you want, typing up a question and submitting all your possible answers.

Save the quiz - use the ‘Publish’ option at the bottom of the page. You can then send students a link to the quiz that will appear on the page, so that they can attempt it online in the classroom or as a homework exercise. You could also ask them to create their own quizzes that they can set for other members of the class.