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How to print an image

Microsoft Word 2003

1. Copy and paste the image into a Word document (by right clicking on the original image and selecting copy, then right clicking to paste it in to your new document).

2. Once it is in your Word document you should click on the 'File' button in the top toolbar to the left.

3. A drop down menu will appear where you should select 'Print'.

4. To print a landscape or portrait image. Click on ‘Properties’ then the ‘Printing Shortcuts’ tab, you will find ‘Landscape’ or ‘Portrait' in the 'Orientation' drop down menu.


5. To chose a black & white or colour print. Click on ‘Properties’ then ‘Color’ tab, and add or remove a tick in the 'Print in Grayscale' box.

6. Check ‘Page range’ and ‘Number of copies’ and then press 'Ok'.