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How to manipulate an image in Microsoft Word 2003


1. Copy and paste the image into a Word document (by right clicking on the original image and selecting 'Copy', then right clicking to 'Paste' it in to your new document).

2. Click on the image, then right click.

3. A drop down menu will pop up and choose ‘Format Picture’.

4. Choose the 'Picture' tab.

5. To crop an image make an estimate of how many centimetres you would like to crop off – then alter the four cropping boxes: Right, Left, Top, Bottom. Then click 'OK'.

6. Go through this process again until the image is the right size.

To enlarge or reduce an image

1. Click on the image.

2. Place your cursor in the corner of the image until a double-headed arrow appears.

3. Click and drag the image to reduce or enlarge it to the desired size.