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Diary of a technologist

Educational objective

Students will consider the impact of new technologies on the people using them, and wider society.

Classroom Activity

Ask your students to use the Brought to Life website to research developments in technology and it’s impact on medical practice. Ask them to pick a single technology to focus on. If you wish, you could assign different technologies to different students to ensure that a range are represented.

Students should then create a week’s worth of diary entries written from the perspective of a medical practitioner using the technology for the first time. Encourage them to describe the equipment, how it is used, and what their hopes would be for how it could help treating patients. 

Extension activity

Students could write an imaginary letter home from a medical practitioner who is working on the MRI bus or the X ray Van.  How would they feel travelling around for work? How might patients have reacted to this new piece of technology and what impact would it have had to have a portable diagnostic device?