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Practising medicine

Practising medicine - women in medicine

Educational objective

Students will learn about the changing role of women in medicine.

Classroom activity - create a blog

Ask students to use the Brought to Life website to research the life of James Barry (a.k.a. Margaret Bulkley) and then create a blog of this remarkable person’s life. For example, the blog could begin with her arrival in Edinburgh, and describe her training, her work at St Thomas’s Hospital, her experiences serving as a surgeon or her time in Cape Colony or Malta.

As a blog tends to be a highly personal account of a person’s thoughts and feelings, students should avoid merely writing an account of events. Students should also include Margaret Bulkley’s personal responses. Was she afraid of being discovered? How comfortable was she in the company of soldiers? Did she ever have doubts about the validity of her work? And so on...

Extension activity

Create a script for a short radio presentation covering the life and work of James Barry (a.k.a. Margaret Bulkley).

Curriculum links

  • The growth of the medical profession
  • The role of women

    Practising medicine - techniques and methods

    Educational objective

    Students will gain knowledge of the techniques and methods employed by those who practised medicine professionally at different times.

    Classroom activity - medical bingo

    Ask students to research the techniques covered in the Practising medicine theme in the Brought to Life website.

    Every student gets to design one square within the grid of a bingo game, based on one of the techniques he or she has researched. Each square should contain information on the technique, including who used it and what it entailed. All the students’ squares should be put together randomly to create unique bingo cards. The original individual squares are then placed in a bag from which they are withdrawn one at a time by the bingo caller.

    The winner will be the first person to complete his or her bingo card and shout ‘medical practices!’

    Extension activity

    The game can be re-created and played with key figures from the Practising medicine theme.

    Curriculum links

  • Modern surgeries, transplanting organs and plastic surgery
  • The influence of science and technology on medicine
  • The impact of developments on medical treatment
  • Medicine and health care in the home