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Brought to Life: Exploring the History of Medicine contains 2500 objects which have been interpreted in relation to the great story of the history of medicine.

This section of the website is where you will find information directly relevant to the Medicine Through Time GCSE. It will allow you to create and build your own resources, and even offers ideas for lessons and introductory sessions.

Explore further and you’ll discover an online collection that includes multimedia games, tools, an interactive timeline and objects, all of which have been developed with both teacher and student input and evaluation.

These objects are from the Wellcome Collection, the world’s greatest collection of medical objects. These objects are now being cared for by the Science Museum.

Using this website

In this section find out how to make practical use of this website to support learning for the Medicine Through Time GCSE module. Information includes a range of classroom activities for themes and how to use objects and discussion in the classroom.

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Curriculum links

This section explains how each theme fits into the curriculum and information on your specific exam boards. You can also find cross curriculum links that can be used to combine teaching with other subjects.

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Visiting the Museum

Find more information about visiting the Science Museum to enhance learning for the Medicine Through Time GCSE module.

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