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‘Biocard’ coeliac test, Finland, 2009

‘Biocard’ Celiac Test, Finland, 2009 Coeliac disease is detected using the ‘Biocard’ Celiac Test. This home test is made by diagnostic company ANI Biotech in Finland. Coeliac disease is a bowel condition caused by intolerance to gluten, a protein found in staple foods such as bread, pasta and biscuits. Coeliac disease is actually an autoimmune disease rather than a food intolerance. The body attacks the gluten causing damage to the lining of the gut and produces symptoms such as stomach pain and diarrhoea. This test identifies whether the disease is present using coeliac disease antibodies, known as IgA auto-antibodies, from a finger prick blood sample. The ‘Biocard’ Celiac Test was bought from high street chemist Boots. Home diagnosis kits such as this have recently caused concern because of the risk of misdiagnosis and self-treatment.

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Glossary: coeliac disease

A digestive intolerance of the small intestine to foods that contain gluten.

Glossary: coeliac test

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