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Two ‘Provista’ Memory Test Plus, United States of America, 2006-2007

These two tests are used by patients to detect memory loss. They assess the olfactory function, or ‘sense of smell’. Scientists link decreased ability to discern between different scents with dementia or the degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s. The ‘Provista’ Memory Test Plus consists of a pencil and a booklet containing ‘scratch and sniff’ odour strips for identifying and recording. The completed questionnaire was sent for analysis to maker Provista Life Sciences in the US. These tests are marketed as ‘in the home’ self-administered tests. They are for patients worried about dementia or Alzheimer’s. The test directs the patient to see their doctor for further assessment if the score is in the abnormal range. This test cannot ‘diagnose’ disease. However, it can indicate the need for further professional investigation.

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