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Leaflet relating to venereal disease, London, England, c. 1970-1980

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Cartoon drawings are accompanied by the message: 'VD is dangerous. Don't pass it on'. This fold-out leaflet educated the public about the dangers of venereal disease (VD). VD described any disease spread through sexual contact. Such diseases are now called STIs (sexually transmitted infections). They are mainly spread through unprotected sex. Some of the commonest sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis are effectively treated with antibiotics.

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Glossary: leaflet

Use for small printed works consisting of one sheet folded and not stitched or bound. For larger printed works, but generally of fewer than 80 pages, often with paper covers, use "pamphlets."

Glossary: The fault of others: exiles, scapegoats and the human face of disease

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Glossary: public health advertising

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Glossary: pamphlet

Complete, nonperiodical printed works generally of fewer than 80 pages, often with a paper cover, sometimes short treatises on arguments or topics of current interest. For smaller printed works, of one sheet folded and not stitched or bound, use "leaflets."