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Book entitled 'Insulin-dependent Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Adults', Sweden, 1998

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Diabetes is a serious but manageable condition involving blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels are too high then the person becomes hyperglycemic. They can fall into a coma unless treated with injections of insulin. If blood sugar levels are too low through lack of food or overexertion then the diabetic becomes hot and confused. They can fall into a coma if the levels drop low enough. This book aimed to teach people with diabetes how to manage their condition. It was written by Dr Ragnar Hanas, consultant pediatrician at Udalla Hospital in Sweden. The book encourages self-management and new approaches and knowledge to be shared between nurses, doctors and patients.

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Glossary: book

A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. Usually continuous printing or writing.

Glossary: diabetes

This term refers to any form of metabolic disorder characterized by extreme thirst and excess urine production.