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No Scalpel Vasectomy kit, Nottingham, England 1997-2000

Men who do not want any or more children may have a vasectomy. It is a medical procedure and a form of contraception. It involves cutting or tying the tube (vas deferens) through which sperm travels from the testes into the seminal fluid. This scalpel-free kit contains a small clamp and forceps set. A special instrument punctures a small hole in the scrotum. The forceps isolate the vas deferens. The tube is either severed or tied off. The technique is considered by its maker, Femcare Limited, to cause less bleeding than traditional methods requiring two incisions and stitches afterwards. It is also thought to be less painful with fewer complications. The procedure takes up to ten minutes. It can be performed under local anaesthetic. The testicles still produce sperm after a vasectomy. However, they are re-absorbed by the body. This operation is usually considered permanent. It is possible to undergo a reversal operation. These have had limited success depending on the age of the patient.

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