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Model of a pharmacy in Guangzhou (Canton), China, 1881-1885

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A busy pharmacy in Guangzhou (Canton), China during the 1800s is portrayed by this model. The model is large and detailed. Patients can be seen bringing in their prescriptions. Two people prepare medicines upstairs. Another group of people sit around a table downstairs. Medicines in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are made from plants, animals and minerals. In TCM, the taste of a substance reveals much about which organ the medicine is good for. Prescriptions often mix different tasting substances. This is because the medicine must treat organs affected by the disease and also strengthen other organs to stop the condition spreading.

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A645084 Pt2

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Glossary: model - representation

Use for a scaled representation of an object or structure, usually three-dimensional. The item is often idealised or modified to make it conceptually easier to understand.

Glossary: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical tradition originating in China, but now used worldwide. Treatments include herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture, which are combined to create a therapy tailored to the patient.