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Ophthalmoscope, Europe, 1880-1930

Physicians and specialised ophthalmologists use ophthalmoscopes to look into the eye. They examine the retina and the inside of the eye. A beam of light is directed into the eye from the bulb. The bulb is powered by a battery contained in the handle. The ophthalmologist looks through a single eyepiece. The ophthalmoscope has a rotating disc of lenses allowing the eye to be examined at different depths and magnifications. This example was owned by a Dr Pringle.

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A680748 Pt1


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Glossary: ophthalmoscope

An instrument for viewing the interior of the eye, particularly the retina. Light is shone into the eye via a mirror (usually concave) and then examined with or without the aid of a lens. Invented by by Hermann Von Helmholtz in 1850