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Cupping set for Dry Cupping Vacuum Therapy, Japan, 1980-1990

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Dry cupping involves placing heated cups or vessels like those shown here on the body. It is believed to draw out impurities and bring blood to the surface of the skin. Dry cupping vacuum therapy is a technique often practiced within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This set was acquired through the surgery of a British TCM practitioner. It contains three graded cupping glasses, a syringe and glasses. They were connected to a small pump to create the necessary vacuum. TCM believes dry cupping rebalances the life force (qi) and the balance of yin and yang and restores health.

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    Glossary: cupping set

    Set of instruments to practice cupping. The purpose of cupping was to draw what was considered to be bad matter in the blood toward selected places in the body at the surface of the skin, away from vital organs.

    Glossary: Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical tradition originating in China, but now used worldwide. Treatments include herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture, which are combined to create a therapy tailored to the patient.