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X-ray film holder, Europe, 1910-1925

X-ray film holders hold the X-ray film onto which X-rays are developed. This example was made by Philips. Once X-rays had been discovered in 1895, physicians and surgeons were keen to use them to see inside the body without resorting to surgery. The holder is shown here with an x-ray film (A655722 Pt6).

Object number:

A639408 Pt10

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Glossary: x-ray photograph

An internal image of the body that is produced by exposing a photographic plate to X-rays.

Glossary: x-ray accessory

A term that can be applied to any of the accessories needed to safely complete an X-ray scan. These can include: units for processing the X-ray pictures; equipment to protect the person taking the photo from radiation; aids to help the taker correctly position the X-ray machine.