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'Test 64', punch operator's test, Swindon, England, 1920-1939

This electromechanical punch operator’s test was a mechanical aptitude test used during the early 1930s. The hand-cranked mechanism enabled the punch to drop, cutting a hole underneath. The base is perforated with holes. These were presumably a guide for the operator. The machine was made by Garrard in Swindon, England. It was patented in 1928. Aptitude testing became common in schools and industries at this time. The test was used at the National Institute of Industrial Psychology (NIIP). The NIIP was founded by prominent British psychologist Charles Myers in 1921. He was director of the Cambridge Psychological Laboratory. Its ambition was ‘to promote by systematic scientific methods a more effective application of human energy in occupational life’.

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Glossary: psychiatry

A branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Glossary: mechanical aptitude test

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