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Healy Pictorial Completion Test, Chicago, United States of America, 1921

The Healy Pictorial Completion Test measured intelligence and problem-solving capacity. Pictures within the test represent a series of events. A square is missing for each picture. A replacement is selected from 60 small illustrations. The test was first exhibited at the meeting of the American Psychological Association in 1917. The War Department requested it soon after for testing troops. The test is named after its inventor, American psychiatrist William Healy (1869-1963). This picture puzzle test was produced by American manufacturer C. H. Stoelting and Company. It specialised in aptitude testing equipment. These included books, puzzles and mechanical apparatus.

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Glossary: psychological test

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Glossary: psychiatry

A branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.

Glossary: psychology

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