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Container of Marplan tablets, Hertfordshire, England, 1975-1982

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Marplan tablets are antipsychotic drugs. They are referred to as monoamine-oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs and treat depressive illness. MAOIs increase chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters which influence activities such as sleep, moods and emotions. Marplan is the brand name of the drug isocarboxazid. This plastic container holds 50 10mg isocarboxazid tablets and was manufactured by pharmaceutical company Roche Products. Interaction with some foods can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure. MAOIs can have severe side effects. Patients taking them are strictly monitored.

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Glossary: psychotropic drug

A term used to describe drugs that affect mood and the mind.

Glossary: drug

Any animal, vegetable, or mineral substance used in the composition of medicines. They affect the structure or function of a living organism.