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Aerosol bottle of asthma inhalant, Kent, England, 1960-1975

Asthma and bronchitis were treated using this aerosol. It was used in conjunction with a specially designed mouthpiece called the Rybar inhaler (see object 1995-1100). Neo-rybarex was classified as an ‘anti-spasmodic’ inhalant. It reduced or prevented muscle spasms and reduced wheezing during an asthma attack. Neo-Rybarex Inhalant was manufactured by Rybar Laboratories Ltd. It was available ‘over the counter’ from pharmacists.

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Glossary: inhaler

A device for breathing in a drug in order to deliver it to the airways or lungs.

Glossary: asthma

A common condition in which the airways go into spasm and become constricted. It causes wheezing, coughing and difficulty in breathing. It is often a reaction to hypersensitivity, but can also be triggered by exercise or stress.