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Uniform sword with scabbard, England, 1901-1925

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Famous tailor Gieves Limited in London made this uniform sword with scabbard, belt and leather case. It belonged to surgeon Lieutenant Commander John Stephen McGrath (d. 1927) of the British Royal Navy. A uniform sword was worn by officers as part of their official uniform. The steel sword is engraved with a crown and anchor surrounded by oak leaves. McGrath was awarded medical degrees from The National University of Ireland. He then joined the Navy in 1917 and served during the First World War.

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Glossary: uniform

Identifying garments or styles of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank.

Glossary: costume

No description.

Glossary: sword

Edged weapon consisting basically of a blade, generally longer than that of dagger or knife, and a grip; designed for delivering cutting or thrusting blows or both.

Glossary: ceremonial sword

Sword that plays a part in public state or civic ceremonies or rituals, being variously worn, carried, or presented, as symbols of honor or power.