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Sunglasses with dark blue lenses, England, 1860-1900

Blue tinted lenses indicate these spectacles were for outdoor use. They protected from bright sunlight. They are a Victorian version of the sunglasses we wear today. The frames are made from silver. Prescription lenses help correct vision.

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Glossary: ophthalmology

The branch of medicine dealing with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways (usually the eyes or the brain).

Glossary: spectacles

Pair of eyeglasses to compensate for defective vision or to protect the eyes from light, dust, and the like. Kept in place by sidepieces passing over the ears, on the nose or held in the hand.

Glossary: sun-glasses

Eyeglasses, usually spectacles, with coloured or tinted lenses that protect the eyes from the glare of sunlight.

Glossary: optometry

The professional practice of eye and vision care. Optometry includes the correction of visual defects with lenses or glasses.