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Heartstart 3000, battery operated micro-controlled defibrillator, United States, 1993

A defibrillator provides on-the-spot resuscitation for heart attack victims. It electrically shocks the heart to re-establish a rhythm and greatly increases the chances of survival. The Heartstart 3000 was an automatic defibrillator to be carried by ambulance services. This example was a training aid for the London Ambulance Service to provide rapid response treatment. Since being introduced in the 1980s, automatic defibrillators are now used by a wider range of emergency personnel. These include paramedics, firemen, coastguards and lifeguards.

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Glossary: resuscitation

The act of restoring life to someone near death. This is done by such measures as artificial respiration (kiss-of-life) and cardiac massage.

Glossary: electrotherapy equipment - component

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