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Therapeutic inhaler, London, England, 1935-1942

The ‘Elektro Pneumostat’ therapeutic inhaler treated respiratory complaints associated with the lungs and airways. These include asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and croup. The plastic face mask was held covering the mouth and nose of the patient while inhaling medication. The motorised pump circulated oxygen up the tube to the face mask.

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    Glossary: inhalation

    The drawing of air or other substances into the lungs

    Glossary: inhaler

    A device for breathing in a drug in order to deliver it to the airways or lungs.

    Glossary: asthma

    A common condition in which the airways go into spasm and become constricted. It causes wheezing, coughing and difficulty in breathing. It is often a reaction to hypersensitivity, but can also be triggered by exercise or stress.