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Duffin Pessary, 1880-1900

A prolapsed uterus is where the uterus has shifted down from its usual position in the abdominal cavity. The Duffin stem pessary supported a prolapsed uterus. The boxwood stem with cup was inserted in the vagina. The lower part of the pessary was held in place with a material strap outside the vagina. This type of pessary was developed in 1831. Its inventor, a Mr Duffin, designed it so the stem length could be adjusted as the condition improved. The pessary also incorporates a rotating joint to follow the natural movement of the body. Vaginal pessaries became widespread in the 1800s. Many designs are still used.

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Glossary: pessary

No description.

Glossary: gynaecology

A branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive system.