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Safety monitor for use with mass miniature radiography set, Netherlands, 1960-1961

A radiographer used this safety monitor with a mass miniature radiography set as controls on the unit ensure the correct procedure is followed. Distinct lights on the machine indicate several things. These include when the unit is ready to shoot, if the radiograph film has run out and if the filming cycle is complete. A second indicator also ensures a patient’s card, complete with personal information, is inserted into the holder before the X-ray is taken. The unit combines the X-ray image of the chest with an image of the patient’s card so no information is mismatched. This machine was used at Ilford Chest Clinic, just outside London. Any patient diagnosed with tuberculosis could be treated there. The monitor was made by Dutch company, N. V. Optische Industrie based in Delft. It was a maker of specialist optical technology.

Object number:

1987-1095 Pt1

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