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Brass corset, England, 1800-1880

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This corset is believed to be an orthopaedic device. It supported the back or corrected a spinal deformity such as scoliosis. However, it also minimised the waist, in line with contemporary fashions. The inside of the corset is painted brown. Holes are drilled into the sides to lighten the weight and provide ventilation. Up until the 1870s and 1880s both men and women regularly wore corsets. Army officers even wore them with tightly tailored uniforms to emphasise their straight backs and rigid discipline.

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Glossary: scoliosis

No description.

Glossary: orthopaedics

The branch of medicine concerned with the preservation and restoration of the muscular and skeletal systems in the body.

Glossary: corset

A tight undergarment worn by women to shape the figure. Historically tied with lace and structured with bone.