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Bed specially designed for those with epilepsy, London, England, 1851-1920

This bed was designed to help protect those with epilepsy from injury during a seizure. The sides are made from a flexible woven wire fabric, strong enough to stop a person falling out of the bed. The fabric was elastic enough so that if a person did hit the sides it would not cause injury or any shock. An advertisement for the bed suggests that it cost £5 to buy. This bed was used at the Liverpool Royal Infirmary in England during 1851-1920.

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Glossary: hospital bed

A piece of furniture used for sleeping on. Usually a metal or wooden framework with a mattress and coverings

Glossary: epilepsy

A disorder of brain function characterized by seizures that occur suddenly. The seizures can be triggered by fast flashing lights, especially strobe lighting.

Glossary: convulsion

The violent involuntary contractions of a group of muscles.

Glossary: seizure

A sudden attack caused by a disorder, in particular a convulsion.