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Beaded buckskin tobacco pouch, Canada, 1860-1880

Tobacco has been used for recreational and ceremonial uses in the Americas for centuries. This buckskin (deer hide) pouch held tobacco leaves. It was made by the Plains Indians of North America. It is decorated with a fringe of hide tassels. The intricate geometric beading is typical of their culture. Native American Indians often created bags with specific designs for contents such as medicines or tobacco. These bags were often intricately decorated with traditional beading. This was especially the case if they held important or sacred contents.

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Glossary: traditional medicine

Used in the West for sets of health beliefs and practices that developed within the culture of a particular ethnic or geographic group of people, distinct from modern Western medicine. Commonly includes herbal and homeopathic remedies, religious or spiritual ritual, and an holistic approach to patients.

Glossary: tobacco pouch

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