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'CDX Model E' dental x-ray unit, Chicago, USA, 1935-1936

The CDX Model E was one of the most advanced dental X-ray units of its day. It was wall mounted so it did not take up valuable floor space. Manufacturers required special insurance to transport it because the X-ray tube was so fragile. Unfortunately, it was installed in a British surgery that was badly shaken by a V1 ‘doodle-bug’ bomb during the Second World War. The machine was dismantled and reinstalled in other premises on four occasions. The machine was still operational in 1981 after thousands of exposures. It was used primarily as a dental X-ray machine. However, during the war years it was in general use at the Hayes Cottage Hospital in Middlesex, England, as well as local medical practitioners. Here it was also used for speedy diagnosis and confirmation of fractures of the bones in the hands, feet, arms and legs of patients with minor injuries.

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