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Preproduction sample of 'Femshield' Female Condom, England, 1989

The ‘Femshield’ is a flexible female condom. It consists of a loose-fitting sheath and two rings. One polyurethane ring sits outside the vagina and is a guide for insertion. A separate removable ring inserts and anchors the condom in place. Female condoms give the woman full control of her contraceptive choice. They protect from sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy if used correctly. This is a preproduction sample. Female condoms have been available in Europe since 1992. The Femshield was developed by British firm Medicor International Limited.

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Glossary: contraception

The use of methods and techniques to prevent pregnancy from sex.

Glossary: female condom

A barrier form of contraception. It is worn inside the vagina. A flexible ring at the closed end of the tube covers the cervix and holds it in place, while at the other end an open ring stays in place at the vaginal opening. Like the male condom it provides a protective barrier during sex and is used both as a contraceptive and to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).