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'Logynon' contraceptive pills, Berlin, Germany, 1986

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‘Loygnon’ is a brand of triphasic oral contraceptive pills. Triphasic means the pills are taken in three phases during the menstrual cycle. The three different pills contain different levels of hormones. Phasic contraceptives are designed to reduce the amounts of hormones taken. The high hormone levels of first generation contraceptives caused heart and circulatory problems. The pill needs to be taken within a 12 hour window to maintain its effectiveness. The days of the week on the packet are to help keep track of the pills. Loygnon was introduced in 1980 and tests showed that it was as effective as other contraceptives but was more expensive.

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Glossary: contraception

The use of methods and techniques to prevent pregnancy from sex.

Glossary: oral contraceptive pill

A drug containing hormones, taken to stop pregnancy.

Glossary: materia medica

A Latin medical term sometimes used to refer to medical substances.