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Paediatric incubator, United Kingdom, 1980-1986

An incubator is a controlled environment into which a premature baby is placed to monitor its progress and increase its chances of survival. The Resuscitaire incubator provides facilities for reviving a newborn. This example was for infants experiencing 'apnoea', a condition where breathing stops. This problem is most common in very premature babies. Oxygen saturation in the blood falls during an apnoeic attack. It has to be re-established quickly to prevent long-term brain damage or death. This incubator would sound an alarm should the baby show signs of apnoea, such as a drop in heart rate. The condition is also treatable within the incubator by altering the temperature and oxygen concentration.

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Glossary: resuscitation

The act of restoring life to someone near death. This is done by such measures as artificial respiration (kiss-of-life) and cardiac massage.

Glossary: paediatrics

The branch of medicine dealing with the medical care of children, infants and adolescents. The patient age limit is usually 14-18, depending on the country. A medical practitioner who specializes in this area is known as a paediatrician.

Glossary: incubator

A container in which environmental conditions can be maintained. When babies are born prematurely, they are placed in an incubator to maintain the correct temperature and humidity.

Glossary: apnea

No description.