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Boulitte electrocardiograph, Paris, France, 1900-1930

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This is an early form of electrocardiograph (ECG) machine. ECGs are graphical records of the activity in a person’s heart. These graphs are produced via an instrument called a galvanometer. In this example, the galvanometer is seen in the centre. Electrodes placed upon the body pick up on minute electrical impulses. These cause a string within the galvanometer to move. Movement is recorded photographically to make a tracing. Physicians examine these records for irregularities that may be a sign of disease. A plate camera can be seen in the rectangular box at the end. This electrocardiograph machine was made by French company Boulitte.

Object number:

A608105 Pt1



Glossary: electrocardiograph

used to record the electrical activity of the heart

Glossary: cardiology

The study of diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels.

Glossary: capillary electrometer

An instrument used to measure very small amounts of voltage.