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Toilet dish in form of a fish, Egypt, 14 BCE-1000 CE

This small toilet dish sat in the palm of the hand. It may have held cosmetics or ointments. The convex lower surface is carved with fins and scales to resemble an oxyrhynchus fish. This fish was said to be found in the River Nile. The oxyrhynchus was important in Egyptian mythology. The dish is made of steatite soapstone. It may have been used to mix ingredients that formed the basis of Egyptian cosmetics.

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Glossary: hygiene

The science of health and how to maintain it. A condition or practice which promotes good health. The definition varies widely and differs across cultures.

Glossary: dish - vessel

Any of various broad, relatively shallow, open vessel with a flat bottom, concave sides, and nearly level rim, sometimes having a cover; made of pottery, glass, metal, wood or another material and used for many purposes, especially for holding or serving food. In modern usage it is typically reserved for vessels at a dining table used for serving or holding food other than the round, flat or very shallow object used by the person dining, which is called a "plate"; however, formerly the plate was also called a "dish."

Glossary: classical and medieval medicine

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