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A doctor or medicine man in Tibet, visiting patients in remote vallleys, would have carried this leather and brocade medicine bag with him on horseback. Inside are 50 small drawstring leather pouches full of minerals and herbs, labelled with bone tags. Also included are four instruments: a flat triangular sharpening stone (or perhaps a flint, for igniting moxa for moxibustion?); an animal horn with a hole at both ends (possibly for administering liquid medicine, or for sucking blood from a diseased area); a small metal spoon; and an eye instrument for surgically removing a cataract. Traditional Tibetan medicine includes elements familiar to other medical systems. These include herbal cures from Chinese medicine, humoral theories of Greek-Arabic traditions and spiritual beliefs of Indian medicine. It also uses spoken chants from a form of Buddhism called Lamaism.

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The preparation and medicinal dispensing of drugs.

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