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Vaginal douche, the 'Omega Spray', England, 1900-1940

A vaginal douche forces water or another solution into the vaginal cavity to flush away vaginal discharge or other contents. This one is made out of rubber and vulcanite. Douches were often used by women as a contraceptive. However, douching is quite an ineffective form of contraception. It is also an ineffective protection against sexually transmitted infections. Regular douching can alter the chemical balance of the vagina. This makes a woman more susceptible to infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease. This type of douche is called the ‘Omega Spray’. It was made by Ingram in England and was patented by Raine.

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Glossary: contraception

The use of methods and techniques to prevent pregnancy from sex.

Glossary: gynaecology

A branch of medicine dealing with the treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive system.

Glossary: douche

Container for sterile fluid used to administer a douche. Term is often applied to the whole douching apparatus, including tubing and, nozzles