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Cardboard box for Dr Scott's Coated Bilious and Liver Pills, West Sussex, England, 1930-1950

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Dr Scott’s Coated Bilious and Liver Pills were recommended for constipation or when, as described on the packaging, a person felt “uneasy in the head or stomach” – ‘bilious’ being a term for gastric problems relating to a liver disorder. Dr Scott’s Pills were also claimed to be useful for treating a loss of appetite, giddiness, coughs, colds and depression. They are typical of a large range of treatments that were available ‘over the counter’ at pharmacists for many years – such as at W Lambert & Co Ltd in Lancing, West Sussex, who prepared this example. They were very popular with the public and encouraging reports of the pills’ successes could be found in the daily newspapers.

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Glossary: pill box

A small box for pills

Glossary: depression

A mental state associated with acute sadness. Activity can be decreased, especially interaction with others, and sleep, appetite, and concentration can also be disturbed.