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Home cloning kit, United States, 1993

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The Genemsco Corporation who produced this home DNA cloning kit stated “Genetic engineering means planetary science”. Genemsco believes the world’s problems, such as starvation, could be reduced if more children and teenagers aimed to be geneticists and bioengineers. The set takes the user through all the steps to create a cloned organism from a parent bacterium.

Object number:

1993-747 Pt1

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Glossary: genetic engineering

The techniques involved in altering the characteristics of one organism by inserting genes from another organism into its DNA.

Glossary: DNA

DNA stores the information, or blueprints, of every cell and is located in the genes. It is made up of two strands which form a double helix that is linked by hydrogen bonds. It was first described in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson.

Glossary: bacteria

Micro-organisms which can cause disease but have an important role in global ecology.

Glossary: cloning

A process where cells are produced asexually (neither male, nor female) and are genetically identical to the parent cell from which they are produced.

Glossary: cloning kit

No description.