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Hypothermia advice card, England, 1994-1995

This hypothermia advice card was given out by Eastern Electricity to their elderly customers. Hypothermia is caused by exposure to low temperatures for long periods of time when a person is physically exhausted. Exhaustion may be caused by the body shivering to create warmth. Elderly people are more at risk, and many die from, hypothermia in the winter months as they may not be able to afford to heat their homes. The thermometer gives people an indication of when to turn up their heating and offers other useful advice on wearing layers of clothing, consuming hot foods and drinks and trying to eliminate draughts from the house.

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Glossary: card

The term card primarily refers to cardboard or a piece of cardboard. More generally, the term can refer to any of various small flat objects, typically made from heavy paper or plastic.

Glossary: hypothermia

A condition where the core body temperature drops below the level necessary to perform basic functions. In humans this is 35°C. Hypothermia is often caused by over exposure to cold conditions.