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This glass bottle was used to collect urine from a patient who was either undergoing surgery or who was confined to bed and using a catheter. The scale on the side could measure urine output over a period of time. This item was used at Farnborough Hospital, now the Princess Royal University Hospital, in Kent, England. Chas F Thackray Limited, who manufactured this object, was a medical and surgical instrument maker. When the company was sold in 1990, Paul Thackray, a former director of the company, established a charitable trust which used objects he had been collecting to set up the Thackray Museum in Leeds in 1997.

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Glossary: catheter

A flexible tube, narrow enough to be inserted into the body, where it is used for withdrawing fluids. Most typically used for extracting urine from the bladder.

Glossary: urine drainage bottle

A bottle for the draining of urine.