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DNA Gel Electrophoresis kit, Europe, 1993

Developed by the National Centre for Biotechnology Education (NCBE), this was one of the first kits developed for use in schools to study the science behind DNA. The kit is known as DNA Gel Electrophoresis kit. Electrophoresis is a technique used in chemistry and physics where an electric current is passed through a sample in a gel to separate out different molecules. Based at the University of Reading, the NCBE develops tools to promote biotechnology education.

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Glossary: DNA

DNA stores the information, or blueprints, of every cell and is located in the genes. It is made up of two strands which form a double helix that is linked by hydrogen bonds. It was first described in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson.

Glossary: electrophoresis equipment

No description.

Glossary: electrophoresis

The process of separating electrons in a solution by passing an electric current through it.