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King Edward's hand amulet, England, 1914-1918

King Edward's hand amulet, England, 1914-1918

Credits: Science Museum

The amulet on the left hand side is said to represent King Edward’s hand. This may refer to one of several kings of England who were skilled soldiers. The amulet is thought to have been carried by a British soldier fighting during the First World War. Amulets of all shapes and forms were and still are considered by some people to provide good luck and protection against illness and danger. The amulet was part of the collection of Edward Lovett (1852-1933), a researcher and collector of folk traditions, and was bought by Henry Wellcome in 1930. It is shown here with two other First World War amulets (A79871 and A79904).

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    Glossary: amulet

    Small object or piece of jewellery worn as a protecting charm to ward off ill health and bad luck.