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'A movable atlas showing the progress of gestation', by G J Witkowski, London, England, 1878-1888

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The colour illustration shows a pregnancy at full term – nine months. The layers of the illustration can be peeled back to reveal the internal structure of the uterus and breast. All the internal organs and structures are numbered and there is an explanatory key on the opposite page. The print is one in a series of nine on human anatomy and physiology used to teach medical students. Other illustrations show the anatomy of the brain. The plates were the idea of Professor Gustave Joseph Witkowski (1844-1923), who practiced in Paris, France. The work was translated by Robert Milne Murray (1855-1904), a British obstetrician.

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Glossary: book

A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. Usually continuous printing or writing.

Glossary: pregnancy

The condition of having a developing unborn embryo or foetus in the body. A human pregnancy is usually of 40 weeks gestation.