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'Employment for the microscope', volume 1, by Henry Baker, England, 1785

'Employment for the Microscope was first published in 1753. It was aimed at the general public and included instructions on how to use a microscope. Written by Henry Baker (1698-1774), a natural philosopher interested in microscopy, the first part of the book was focussed on Baker’s research on crystals. It was a very successful work with a number of editions and remained relatively unchanged for over forty years. This page shows ‘Mr Wilson’s Single Pocket Microscope’, a type of screwbarrel microscope.

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Glossary: book

A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. Usually continuous printing or writing.

Glossary: microscopy

The use of microscopes to study objects or samples. The three major types of microscopy are optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy.

Glossary: screwbarrel microscope

A microscope that can be separated into many pieces and carried in a case.