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Empty carton for 'G' Brand dried full cream milk, England, 1920-1965

Dried milk was especially important as most households in the United Kingdom did not have fridges until the 1970s. It was recommended that each person should drink one pint of milk every day. A large part of Glaxo Laboratories Ltd’s work during the Second World War was the production of dried milk. Their other main product was penicillin. During the war fresh milk supplies were rationed in the UK as were butter, meat and eggs. This carton would have contained enough powder to produce seven pints of milk. The instructions recommend that fruit juice should be given to bottle-fed babies to prevent scurvy.

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    Glossary: penicillin

    The first antibiotic drug to treat infections which is made from the mould penicillium. Its discovery is attributed to Alexander Fleming in 1928.

    Glossary: carton

    Cardboard or plastic boxes used typically for storage or shipping, especially those which are relatively small and that when filled with merchandise are enclosed in a larger or stronger container for transport.

    Glossary: powdered milk

    No description.

    Glossary: scurvy

    Disease caused by a lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is contained in fresh fruit and vegetables. Symptoms include weakness, painful joints, and bleeding gums.