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Model of a drain pipe, London, England, 1896

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The yellow model is a standard drain pipe. A quarter of the real size, it was made on behalf of W H Knight of the Hygiene Referendum. This one was originally from a set of twelve models that were used to teach and assess officials involved in public health. Hygiene and cleanliness were a major focus for public health officials, particularly in light of the germ theory of disease which had been established a few years previously. A full set of models cost over £3. It is shown here with a brown intercepting trap drain from the same set (1896-61/4/1).

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Glossary: model - representation

Use for a scaled representation of an object or structure, usually three-dimensional. The item is often idealised or modified to make it conceptually easier to understand.

Glossary: sewerage pipe

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Glossary: hygiene model

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