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Child's bib printed with "MMR is safe, tell your friends", United Kingdom, 2007

Used to vaccinate children against measles, mumps, and rubella, the MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988 in the United Kingdom. In the late 1990s, a link was suggested between the MMR vaccine and autism. As a result the numbers of combined vaccinations dropped, although the vaccinations were available singly. Recent studies show that there is no evidence to support the link with autism. The bib was sold by 'The Guardian' newspaper’s ‘Bad Science’ columnist, Ben Goldacre.

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Glossary: vaccination

The introduction of vaccine into the body for the purpose of inducing immunity. Coined originally to apply to the injection of smallpox vaccine, the term has come to mean any immunising procedure in which vaccine is injected.

Glossary: measles

Disease caused by a virus most commonly found in children. Measles is spread through airborne fluids. In roughly the last 150 years, measles has been estimated to have killed 200 million people worldwide.

Glossary: rubella

A mild but highly contagious virus infection, causing swelling of glands in the neck and a widespread pink rash. Rubella is more common during childhood.

Glossary: MMR vaccine

Combined vaccination for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (German measles). It is given to children aged 13 months, with a booster dose at 3-5 years. The vaccine is widely used. In the UK, the MMR vaccine was controversially but incorrectly linked with autism.

Glossary: mumps

Mumps is an infectious disease spread by airborne droplets from the nose or throat. Its symptoms include swelling of the glands in the neck, making it difficult to eat or swallow. The disease is most common in children, but if contracted in adults the effects can be more severe. An effective vaccine exists and is given in the UK as part of the MMR jab.

Glossary: autism

A psychiatric condition that begins in childhood. Its symptoms include difficulties forming relationships and communicating. Sometimes autism is marked with high intelligence in specific areas, but with learning difficulties in other areas. A person can suffer from different levels of autism, from minor to severe.

Glossary: bib

A piece of material worn by children to protect their clothes whilst eating.