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Medicine dispenser, England, 1950-1960

Made to be mounted on a wall, this dispenser provided a range of basic medicines for the price of 6 pennies. The purchaser could choose from one packet of either aspirin, soda mint (for indigestion and heartburn), Dr MacLean’s stomach power or cascara (a laxative). As the sign on the mirror reads “For the convenience of visitors”, the dispenser may have been placed in a hospital – or perhaps a hotel.

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Glossary: indigestion

No description.

Glossary: heartburn

No description.

Glossary: aspirin

No description.

Glossary: dispenser

An object, machine or a person that distributes something.

Glossary: laxative

An agent that acts to encourage evacuation of the bowels

Glossary: analgesia

Pain-relieving drugs or medications.