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'Junior Vitachieve' minerals and vitamins, England, 1991

The brand name ‘Junior Vitachieve’ hints at the product’s claim to boost IQ in seven to ten-year-olds. The product gained the backing of the Dietary Research Foundation (DRF), which studies the link between diet, intelligence and behaviour. However, there is no clear evidence to support the claim that vitamin and mineral supplements boost IQ. The packet contains sixty tablets – thirty multivitamins and thirty multiminerals. One of each were to be taken daily with food.

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Glossary: mineral

In nutrition, naturally occuring substances that are an important dietary element

Glossary: multivitamin

A mixture of many vitamins, often taken in pill form.

Glossary: IQ

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a score based on one of several different standardized tests designed to measure intelligence and reasoning ability.

Glossary: vitamin

A group of substances needed, in small amounts, for healthy growth and development.