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'Gentle Emetic', print, engraving, United Kingdom, 1801-1831

An emetic is a liquid treatment that is drunk to cause vomiting. The theory was that it would rid the body of the poisons that caused disease. It was a universal treatment for many conditions. In this print, the bowl is ready for when the man vomits and he has a cold compress applied to his head. This print was etched by James Gillray (1757-1815), a British caricaturist. Gillray lived above a bookshop belonging to Hannah Humphrey (1778-1822), who printed this caricature in 1804 and many others by Gillray.

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Glossary: print

Pictorial works produced by transferring images by means of a matrix such as a plate, block, or screen, using any of various printing processes. When emphasizing the individual printed image, use "impressions." Avoid the controversial expression "original prints," except in reference to discussions of the expression's use. If prints are neither "reproductive prints" nor "popular prints," use just "prints."

Glossary: engraving

A technique to obtain prints from an engraved surface. Engraving is the practice of cutting into a hard, usually flat surface.

Glossary: caricature

A representation that exaggerates certain features or characteristics to humorous effect.

Glossary: emetic

A substance that causes vomiting.